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A Powerful exclusive ritual will be conducted for you when you order a spell.
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How to Order Spell

Every spell you order is given the required attention to make it work, hence we can only take a spell at a time. So Kindly exercise patience if you are asked to wait.
Once you request a spell, a reading will be done to determine a couple of things like: if the spell will work work you, or if theres an underlying issue that needs to be treated first and so on.


Click on the spell you will like to order, then click on Order Spell

Fill Request form

Fill the Spell Request form, describe the spell you wish to order and the outcome you desire. Then click on the Submit button. A reading will be done about your spell request before it is confirmed

Confirm spell

After Submitting the form, Proceed to confirm your spell by Sending Your Full name to our number (408-389-0771) via SMS or Whatsapp message. Or send your full name to our email (

We give you 100% guarantee on all our Spells to work for you

We take the time to do a reading of all spells you request to make sure they will work for you. Money back after 60days guaranteed if you dont get result by then

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From the day i ordered the love boost spell, i already began to experience less fighting and some sense of peace in my home.
As the days go by my husband began to show more and more affection, opened up to me more about his issues. I am helping him sort things out and it helped us create a stronger bond and now we are in a good place.

I lost my job during the early covid-19 lock down, i was really anxious and it triggered my depression . I was in a really bad place when i ordered the ieid spell, To be sincere i had my doubts even though the recomendations. When i finally order the spell the next day i woke up feeling so light, i also remember feeling relief and my spirit fill lifted and happy,for no reason. 4 days later while still in this mood, my friend and I came up with a great business idea, that we can try out even while the lockdown was still in effect.  We started little by little and now i cant believe the progress we have made and the momentum we have gathered within such a short time. Also I am also happier doing this.


My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 years, we have a daughter, recently lost my job and she has been the one providing for the house. She has this bad friend always telling her to leave me, abandon the relationship and start over with someone else. My girlfriend also owes her a lot of money she borrowed from her and she uses this to presurre her. After a while  she starts to get irritated at everything i do, and we started fighting a lot. Finally she decided to call it quit. I helped her get her current job, i provided for her when she had no job and she want to pay me back with this, break our family because of a bad friend. So I decided to order ta Love boost from the site. It changed things really fast i couldnt believe it, in a few days my girlfriend was back to her loving ways. She has reduce how she hang out with that her friend till we work to pay her money back. I also just got a job and things should be back to normal soon.